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Al-Fatih district in Istanbul


A group of neighborhoods close to each other forms a specific area in a particular city. When these areas unite with each other, they form a specific city.
Therefore, the Fatih district of Istanbul was formed from a group of close neighborhoods, but these neighborhoods are classified as the oldest in the historical city of Istanbul.

Al-Fatih district in Istanbul
If Istanbul is a whole body, then Fatih is its beating heart.

It is the one that pumps the largest percentage of tourism to

the city due to the large number of its visitors, because of the important tourist areas in the historical city, and because of its ancient, historical and modern form at the same time.

Because of the importance of the areas belonging to the old

municipality of Al-Fateh, the equivalent of 419 thousand and

266 people live in an area of ​​15.62 km.

Thus, we can classify it as one of the densest regions in Turkey

in general and Istanbul in particular.

The mayor of Fatih paid double attention, as this municipality

is a historical root and an important tourist attraction for Istanbul.

This area overlooks the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus, two of the most important destinations of Istanbul.

Therefore, we find it logical that “Al-Fateh” occupied an important position before the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, as it was a very important region for the Roman Republic historically.

The Fatih district , was also called “Sorachi”, which means in Arabic what is inside the walls.

Tourism in the Al-Fatih region is gaining importance because of

its well-known attractions, which we will mention to you:

Al-Fatih district in Istanbul

1- Al-Fateh Mosque:

We should have started with this mosque due to the great importance

it enjoys because it was built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered the city of Constantinople.

It was then called “Istanbul”.

The Sultan entrusted the construction of the mosque to one of the

most famous Turkish architects throughout history, Sinan Pasha.

It was built with a unique Ottoman design, before part of it was

destroyed by the earthquake that struck Istanbul in 1766.

Before Sultan Mustafa III reconstructed it for the most famous

architect at the time, Tahir Agha, it was opened again in 1771, in the form that exists today.

There is also the tomb of the Sultan and his wife outside the walls

of the mosque and is considered an important tourist attraction.

2- Sultan Ahmed Mosque:

Or the Blue Mosque due to its color from the inside,

built in 1609-1616 during the reign of Sultan Ahmed I.

Under the supervision of the famous architect Muhammad Agha,

a student of the most famous architect, Sinan Pasha. This mosque is

decorated with very beautiful Ottoman and Byzantine inscriptions.

3- Hagia Sophia Museum:

It was a church in the Byzantine era and soon became a mosque in the Ottoman era.
It is the first mosque in which the Sultan al-Fatih prayed after entering Constantinople (now Istanbul).

4- The Grand Bazaar:

covered market, built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II the

Conqueror, has an attractive design mixed with beautiful bright colors.

And the old Ottoman breath that spreads in the air of this market.

Open every day except Sunday, it sells various items from jewelry to food.

5- Eminonu Port and Yeni Kapı Port:

Hundreds gather daily on these coasts, this port is characterized by

the fact that you see the Asian side, and the Bosphorus Bridge. Therefore, this port is considered an important tourist aspect.

6- Important markets:

There are very important markets in the Fatih area, such as:

Yusuf Pasha, Aksaray (one of the most important areas of Istanbul) and Bayazid.

7- The women’s market:

It sells some of the local dishes such as cheese, and spices. It

was called by this name due to what women of the city produced in the past were sold there.

8- Other regions:

Masih Ali Pasha Mosque: Designed and built by the famous architect Sinan Pasha.
Mihrimah Sultan Mosque
Yavuz Sultan Selim Mosque and Garden.



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