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Advantages of the Turkish passport

turkish pass

Many investors may seek to pump their money into a particular market and not others, in order to obtain its passport, as some countries facilitate obtaining citizenship in exchange for attracting many investors around the world.

Advantages of the Turkish passport

Turkey is one of these countries that is striving to attract more investors
to it by spreading the advantages of the Turkish passport on a goldencarpet for investors who wish to obtain it.
The friendly relationship between foreign investors and Turkey
is reciprocal. Although Turkey is striving to attract investors to it
in order to raise its economy shares more, investors also see
Turkey is one of the leading countries in real estate, trade and tourism.
The diversity of investment fields in Turkey made investors look
at it with an optimistic eye about the future of their investments there.
In Turkey, there are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship,
which can be obtained through real estate ownership.
Before it amended its law in 2018, reducing the amount of real estate
purchase necessary to obtain a Turkish passport to 250 thousand
dollars, while complying with some conditions.

Advantages of the Turkish passport:

1- Reservation of real estate restricted for obtaining Turkish citizenship:
For a period of 3 years, as it remains a government mortgage,
the investor cannot sell, transfer or register it in the name of another
person until this period expires. But the investor can benefit from
leasing the property to an individual or a company if the property is commercial.
2- The property must be attached to the title deed document:
The Tapu document (title deed) must be obtained, and not only the
sales contract, so the investor must know before he buys the
property whether this property is suitable for tapu or not.
3- Ensuring the safety of the real estate appraisal:
It is a document that must be obtained when buying a property, as it
must be confirmed with the company that you will deal with regarding the real estate appraisal.
4- Buying a property from a Turkish person:
The property must be registered in the name of a Turkish person in
case you want to obtain Turkish citizenship, or a Turkish construction company.

For those who are wondering about the advantages of the Turkish passport, let us tell you its advantages.
Turkish Nationality

1- The Turkish passport allows its holder to have dual citizenship,
meaning that it does not force the holder to give up his
original citizenship and choose one among them.
2- Its holder has the right to enter 52 countries around
the world without the need to obtain an entry visa,
including countries with strong passports such as Japan.
3- The holder gets a visa upon arrival to 43 countries around the world.
4- The Turkish passport is ranked 24th as the most powerful
passport around the world. If Turkey joins the European Union, it will be able to make a big leap in its classification. (According to the classification of the Passport Index website)
5- Turkish passport is valid for 10 years. It can be renewed at any time throughout the life.
6- It grants its holder full citizenship rights, such as elections and the right to run for office.
7- The holder has the right to retire the same as any other citizen.
8- Obtaining a Schengen visa with a Turkish passport is
much easier than any other passport due to the facilities
associated with diplomatic relations between the two parties.
9- The Turkish passport holder receives the health and
educational services granted to the Turkish citizen.
10- The facilities related to the types of installments granted
by the state or banks to Turkish citizens regarding the purchase of real estate, goods, or ..etc.

Statistics about Turkish passport holders applying for a Schengen visa:

Turkish passport
Statistics issued from 2011 until 2015. The number of applicants to obtain a Schengen visa for European countries.
The statistics showed that the visa rejection rate for Turkish passport holders as a whole does not exceed 4.73% of all applications submitted.
Where 3,715,015 applications were submitted to obtain a Schengen visa, 3,353,440 visas were granted, while only 158,683 applications were rejected, or 4.73%.
The following are the most important countries that a Turkish passport holder can enter without a visa:
Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Qatar, Chile, South Korea.
Countries that the Turkish enters with an entry visa upon arrival:
Bahrain, Kuwait, Maldives.
Countries that the Turkish passport holder can enter with an electronic visa:
Australia, Oman.

Turkish passport types:

1- Ordinary passport: It is the passport held by Turkish citizens who do not hold high-ranking positions.
2- The green passport: It is a passport that is held by high-ranking officers.
3- Gray passport: It is a diplomatic passport.
4- Black passport: It is a passport for officers working abroad.



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