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Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

Why should you buy real estate in Turkey? What is the desired benefit of owning apartments for sale in Turkey? What are the advantages of buying a property in Turkey? Follow the next article.

The advantages of buying a property in Turkey attract those passionate about owning real estate around the world,

Turkey today has become one of the largest countries in real estate ownership for foreigners and investment in this field, which has proven its superiority over other fields in the world.

Most of the world’s experts insist on the advice of real estate ownership, as the property is something that cannot be moved or carried away,

He does not lose even if his shares fall because it will certainly be an interim period.

Also, there are certain ways that if real estate investors follow, their investments will become completely successful,

Real estate investment extends from the root of investment in general.

It must be carefully studied in order to achieve the fruits that the investment planted in order to reap it.

In this article, we will talk about real estate investment in Turkey, and the advantages of buying a property in Turkey, as it achieved one of the records last year after selling about 1.5 million real estate units, achieving the leadership of European countries in this sector.

It is worth noting that Turkey made an icon, as it sold more than 68 thousand properties to foreigners,

It is a historical figure, which other countries have not achieved in many years.

This real estate attraction by foreigners came due to the government’s interest in the general investment climate by making it safe and healthy, and it drew a clear road map and implemented many plans to repair the infrastructure, which has become one of the best in the world.


Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey:

Why should you buy a property in Turkey? Because the property is a major reason for obtaining residence permit in Turkey, with the condition that the property is residential and not an investment.

Real estate in Turkey achieves great benefits, and we are talking about the profitable benefits for the investor, as some areas in Turkey and in Istanbul in particular have achieved double rates in increasing prices, reaching 10 times.

Real estate in Turkey is a reason for obtaining Turkish citizenship, if the purchase amount exceeds 250 thousand dollars, provided that the property remains in the name of the buyer for a period of 3 years, with the addition of a new condition recently by the Turkish government so that the amount is first disbursed to Turkish lira and then deposit it in the bank in order to send it to the seller’s account.


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