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About Company

A leading company in investments an leading businesses, in istanbul-turkey, owned to mrs.Noor aljorany, and she had a long experience in investment, and it has a lot of branches in Dubai, Iraq and turkey. Our projects is with turkey’s government guarantee, and our partnerships with very skillful construction company in turkey.
The company is characterized by its choice of projects with high reliability and returns to the investor the required investment returns.
In addition, it has a strong knowledge of Turkish real estate.
The company holds several important certificates of appreciation.

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Values and Vision

Noor AlJorany Company is looking forward to contribute to helping investors develop their funds properly and properly through several principles wich known to all, namely honesty, trust and honesty.
Therefore, we were keen to employ a professional and specialized staff to manage and activate the company’s activities with its various services.
As soon as you communicate with the company staff, your investment will proceed properly due to the clear vision of providing legal staff with knowledge of Turkish real estate and all the laws that interest you.

Our aspirations

We have taken our headquarters in Turkey and our service activities due to several conditions, the most important of which is the economic stability that is clearly present in Turkey, in addition to the cultural mix integrated in Turkish society between the eastern and western societies.


The company undertakes a number of tasks that will facilitate the client’s affairs completely, from receiving him from the airport until his farewell. Or, if he wishes to settle in Turkey, the company is carrying out all the legal procedures imposed for residence and stability.